FOR AGEs 3-9
Soft skills-based online classes
Social & Emotional skills, Math, Reading, Writing,
Creativity & Memory training, Arts & Crafts

Our programs

how it works

30 minutes

2 classes
per week

4-6 Learners
per class


Our approach

Game-based educational design for
better engagement and motivation

Benefits of both teamwork and
personal approach due to small groups

Soft skills development as the
foundation of every learning program

Ongoing learning from 3 to 7 y.o. for
a comprehensive preschool enrichment

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Our testimonials

We love Kiddio Social-Emotional Skills program.

My twins say their answers right or wrong, learn without shame - I see them becoming more confident with every lesson! Teacher’s easy going attitude and comical way of getting the point across is really endearing
Stephanie Z.

My son, Kaden, started studying with KIDDIO’s K & First Grade program,

then I enrolled him in another online class and he begged me to put him back in KIDDIO. Math exercises, language practice, active breaks, plus social and emotional topics - he loves everything but especially rhyming his vocab words!
April W.
Ms. Ann the art teacher is calm, fun, extremely creative, and provides the children flexibility regarding their art work. Our collection of beautiful artwork is growing with every lesson! My kiddo is sad every time the class ends –

we highly recommend KIDDIO’s Arts & Crafts program

Kashev M.

There are only 6 students in our Preschool & Pre-K class,

so each student gets plenty of attention and time to talk. Our little learner is spirited and camera shy, but Ms.Sara took the time to make her feel included and less nervous. My daughter eagerly waits for every lesson!
Kai L.

Social-Emotional Skills program is so beyond creative and awesome!

Encourages children to engage, think, and to take a creative approach to problem solving. Ms.Suzie is a wonderful teacher, she really takes the time to learn about her students, and she teaches useful life skills in a way that is accessible and kind.
Lorine W.