How it works

Class duration

30 minutes


2 classes per week


3-7 years old


2-6 per class

Internet access

Mic and camera

Progress milestones

  • Fully adapt to online learning
  • Get to know the most common emotions
  • Begin to improve creative thinking
1 month
3 month
  • Build the basis of critical thinking
  • Improve their self-regulation and flexibility
  • Increase their memory capacity and attention span
  • Learn to creatively perform different tasks
  • Identify the full spectrum of emotions in themselves and others
  • Improve their communication skills due to empathy and correct self-expression
6 month
1 year
  • Boost their logical thinking
  • Develop a creative mindset
  • Learn to resolve conflict situations

our educators

Program Features

Social-emotional skills

Emotional awareness & empathy

Self-regulation & stress management

Self-concept & self-motivation

Cooperation & communication

Higher-thinking skills

Creative & divergent thinking

All types of memory & concentration

Bilateral stimulation for better inter-hemisphere coordination

Accelerating approach

Our teachers build positive environment filled with creative enrichment, socialization and self-expression opportunities

Interactive learning

Roleplaying, topic discussions, group projects, ambidextrous challenges, brain stretching tasks

Who this program is for

  1. You want to develop 21st century skills in your child
  2. You want your child to be confident and communicative
  3. You have no time/access to enriching activities
  4. You want to have breaks while your child is engaged

What your child will achieve

  • Learn to communicate withgrown-ups and peers
  • Deal with coming of age crises
  • Gain confidence and self-reliance
  • Stand out among others due to their creativity and higher-thinking skills

"Advanced" subjects will allow to:

  • Develop soft skills
  • Unleash the creative potential of the child
  • Learn to think outside the box and structure information
  • Develop emotional intelligence and empathy, learn the basics of reflection

Select your plan

Our most popular option
1 month
Price for 1 week:
❤️ $447
Our most popular option
3 month
Price for 1 week:
Savings: $36.00
Our most popular option
6 month
Price for 1 week:
Savings: $143.00

Easy refund

If you are not satisfied with our classes


Сhange a teacher, program or lesson time

Pause studies

For any reason, up to 3 months

Referral program

Invite your friends, get 2 weeks for free

Take a trial class for $9.90

If you decide to continue studying with us, we'll remove the trial lesson price from your payment plan – and you'll get your trial lesson for free!

What to expect from a trial class

1 Your child will get to know what emotional intelligence is and why emotions are useful
2 Your child will perform several exercises to work on their primary emotions
3 Your child will learn techniques for handling difficult emotions in everyday situations

Our testimonials

We love Kiddio’s Social-Emotional Skills program. My twins say their answers right or wrong, learn without shame - I see them becoming more confident with every lesson! Teacher’s easy going attitude and comical way of getting the point across is really endearing. There is much needed content and amazing ways to practicе life skills in a welcoming, safe, and supportive class environment. Stephanie Z.
My son, Kaden, started studying with Kiddio’s Kindergarten Core program, then I enrolled him in another online class and he begged me to put him back in KIDDIO. That in itself is a true testament to how good this program is. It's the best blend of kindergarten and 1st grade, Kaden is learning tons! Math exercises, language practice, active breaks, plus social and emotional topics - he loves everything but especially rhyming his vocab words! April W.
Ms. Ann the art teacher is calm, fun, extremely creative, and provides the children flexibility regarding their art work. Our collection of beautiful artwork is growing with every lesson! Ms. Ann explains things in a way my 5 year-old not only understands, but that captures her attention throughout the entire 45 minutes! My kiddo is sad every time the class ends – we highly recommend Kiddio’s Arts, Crafts & Aesthetic Development Program! Kashev M.
There are only 6 students in our Preschool Core class, so each student gets plenty of attention and time to talk. Our little learner is spirited and camera shy, but Ms.Sara took the time to make her feel included and less nervous. My daughter is having a great time learning her letters, sounds, numbers, and shapes. She eagerly waits for every lesson! Kai L.
Social-Emotional Skills program is so beyond creative and awesome! Encourages children to engage, think, and to take a creative approach to problem solving. Love seeing Paxton apply himself in a way he hasn’t been challenged in the public system and he always has something he took away from the lesson that he wants to practice. Ms.Suzie is a wonderful teacher, she really takes the time to learn about her students, and she teaches useful life skills in a way that is accessible and kind. Lorine W.